Zap Goes Pop!

(music made by humans)

There once was a young gypsy with starry eyes and a rose in her hair. She wandered aimlessly with no point or purpose, other than to inspire those she met in her travels and sing songs by whichever campfire would have her. However, no matter how loud she sang or how hard she laughed, something was missing. Years passed, and though unsure of what she was looking for, she continued to wander high and low. It wasn't 'til one winter's eve in her 22nd year when she came across a jolly pirate, playing his guitar in an olde saloon. The two traded songs of past adventures over rum and whiskey 'til sunrise, singing louder and laughing harder than either of them ever had. The two of them knew they'd found what they were looking for, and since that day, they have yet to leave each other's side. The starry-eyed gypsy and the jolly pirate now sail the Seven Seas in the company of other wandering minstrels looking to create a sound that time has long forgotten.

6/23/18 Cafe Improv
Join us at the Princeton Art Council's Cafe Improv
Cafe Improv is broadcast each week on Princeton Community Television. 

Doors at 7pm, $2 Admission Fee


102 Witherspoon St. Princeton, New Jersey 08542